Heavy Equipment Damage Appraisals.

Insurance companies and vehicle owners depend on skilled appraisers to accurately assess material damage and to rightly estimate its scope. This is true for vehicles of all kinds, and that includes heavy equipment. JB Appraisals boasts a province wide network of experienced, highly trained and certified material damage appraisers, with special expertise in farm equipment, construction vehicles, cranes, containers, and more. We invite you to learn more about our high standards of accuracy and our commitment to prompt, high-quality work.

JB Appraisals have been completing appraisals on heavy equipment damage since 2006. We have a centralized structure that allows us to exert high standards of quality control, but we also have a provincewide team of qualified appraisers who can respond to your claim quickly. We strive to keep cycle time low, accuracy high, and customer service top-notch.